Stephen Colbert: Shep Smith Uses Fox News Deck To Play Candy Crush (VIDEO)

Remember those huge digital touch screens that Shep Smith revealed earlier in October as the revolutionized "Fox News Deck"?

Well Steven Colbert decided to look into exactly what Smith does all day on those big screens. The answer to that question remains very unclear, but it definitely involves a lot of Candy Crush.

Colbert pointed out that even though the giant screens were in action during the 16-day government shutdown, Shep reported a Fox News story while reading his lines directly from a piece of paper.

"Look at Shep's hand-held, biodegradable info sheets!!"

So what were all those screens really for, Colbert asked. He then cut to a clip of Smith explaining to his viewers how to play Candy Crush, Apple's top grossing app game.

"I don’t even know if it’s fun anymore or if I’m just a complete addict," Shep admitted while playing around on the screen.

And with that, Colbert finally got the answer he was looking for.

“Now we know the answer to one of journalism’s eternal questions,” Colbert said. "What does Shep Smith do while he poops?"

Watch the video for the full clip.



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