Stephen Colbert Slams Michigan Anti-Bullying Law (VIDEO)


Stephen Colbert poked fun at a bill passed in the Michigan State Senate, which allows bullying as long it is rooted in a "sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction" on his satirical talk show the Colbert Report this week.

"Thank goodness Michigan Senate Republicans stepped in, pantsed that law, and stuffed it in a locker," Stephen Colbert joked. "Bullying is just fine, as long as you get a permission slip from God."

The motion sparked a not-so-humours reaction from Democratic state Sen. Gretchen Whitmer.

"You may be able to pat yourselves on the back today and say that you did something," she said. "But in actuality you are explicitly outlining how to get away with bullying," Whitmer said in her emotionally-charged speech on the Senate floor.

Republican speaker of the House Jase Bolger vowed to compromise on the bill, in hopes that it would "bring everyone to the middle of the road and provide protection to all students."

After the show aired, the Republican-led state House passed their own version of the law, smoothing over the controversial language.


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