Stephen Colbert Hits Donald Trump's Golfing Costs Into The Rough

"The Late Show" host also "revealed" the suspect in the Trump statue attack.

Stephen Colbert took a swing at President Donald Trump’s golfing habits on Friday’s episode of “The Late Show.”

Colbert noted how Trump in 2019 reportedly spent one out of every five days at one of his golf clubs. The total cost to taxpayers may remain unknown until after the 2020 election, however, after Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin proposed to delay its disclosure.

HuffPost has been keeping its own running estimate for Trump’s golf-related travel and security expenses, most recently placing the cost at $123.6 million over the course of his presidency.

The comedian also revealed his (spoof) scoop as to who attacked a controversial wooden statue mocking the president in first lady Melania Trump’s home country of Slovenia this week.

Check out Colbert’s satirical monologue below:

This story has been updated to note HuffPost’s own estimate of Trump’s golfing costs.

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