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Stephen Colbert Rips Into Campbell's Soup's New Brand Strategy (VIDEO)

A few months ago, we learned that Campbell's Soup was trying to go in a new direction. It was seeking inspiration from food trucks and developing new flavors in soup pouches instead of soup cans. The "hipper" packaging is aimed at a younger, millennial consumer.

On the "Colbert Report" last night, Stephen Colbert ripped into the Campbell's for its rebrand. "This generation will go down in history for demanding different soup," he says. After all, the soups "come in a bag now, biatch." Basically, "it's like Capri soup."

Colbert also pokes fun at Campbell's website and its Tumblr-inspired graphics that capture the "relentless energy" one associates with soup. Bagged soup is a lifestyle, you see, which uh, explains why Campbell's partnered with Spotify so these crazy young'uns can create "soup-inspired playlists."


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