Stephen Colbert's Special Birthday Message For You ... Specifically You

He sang the "Happy Birthday" song for over a thousand different names.

Now that the "Happy Birthday" song is in the public domain, you should be singing it for multiple hours a day, every day.

Because what was once a very expensive song licensed by Warner Music Group is now like a truck filled with caviar that was overturned on the freeway. This may not last, and you may never get this chance, so eat! EAT ALL YOU CAN!

Stephen Colbert, for one, is gorging himself on the caviar. With the help of famed singer Darlene Love, Stephen sings "Happy Birthday" to everyone on the planet. Individually.

Well, OK, just around 1,200 people. But still, that's a lot.

You can go to the "Late Show" Birthday YouTube page, and scroll for your name and a personal birthday video. Just for you.

Well, except for anyone named Andy. Andy's not on there. I checked. For a long time, I checked. But it's fine. I'll be fine.


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