Stephen Colbert Puts Sean Spicer In The Hot Seat in 'Spicer After Dark'

The "Late Show" host also had some harsh words for Steve Bannon.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer could soon leave the job, reportedly for a “more senior role focused on strategy”― and that has “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert worried. 

“Sean, I have so many questions,” Colbert said. “If you go, who will not answer them?” 

Colbert’s crack came after Spicer held his first on-camera news briefing in more than a week on Tuesday where he had almost no answers to any questions.

Yet despite the elusive briefing, Spicer claimed he worked early in the morning and late at night to answer reporters’ questions. 

That gave Colbert an idea for a new late-night TV shows: “Spicer After Dark.”

Check out his monologue in the clip above. 



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