Stephen Colbert Confronts Trump About His Tweets In Twitter-vention

"We want you to accept help, or the very least, autocorrect."

Donald Trump, we need to talk.

Your tweets are out of control, man. I know you think that’s all fake news.

Oh, look. There you go again. 

Thankfully, Stephen Colbert is here to help.

After White House aides supposedly held a Twitter intervention for Trump recently, Colbert did one of his own on Tuesday night.

“Dear President Trump, your tweeting has affected me in the following ways: My ratings are up,” said Colbert, reading from his intervention letter. “But, President Trump, some nights half my monologue is just about things you’ve tweeted. You’re squeezing out other fun news stories. Did you know that San Francisco is opening a rat cafe? They are. That’s real. You took that away from me.”

Colbert continued, “We want you to accept help, or the very least, autocorrect.”

The “Late Show” host suggests Trump needs to give up his harmful addiction to Twitter and come up with another coping mechanism.

“Have you tried drinking? Because that’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s going pretty great,” said Colbert. 

Mr. President, when it comes to tweeting ...



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