Stephen Colbert Chokes Up, Goes Silent For 6 Seconds As He Gives Audience Texas News

The "Late Show" host needed a moment to gather himself when he broke the news of another mass shooting at an elementary school.

Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” audience cheered as he took the stage Monday afternoon. But instead of his normal comedy bits, he delivered the news about the mass shooting in Texas that left at least 19 children and two adults dead.

Colbert needed to take a few moments to gather himself, going silent for six seconds, before continuing with his monologue.

“There is nothing that can ever be said that can approach the immeasurable grief of those families,” Colbert said.

He offered up prayers for the victims and their families, and prayers for government leaders to show courage and work to prevent more shootings. Then he added:

“But prayers won’t end this. Voting might, so when you vote, ask yourself this question: ‘Who, running for office, has publicly stated that they’re willing to do anything and everything in their power to protect your children from the criminally insane number of guns in America?’”

See more in his Monday night monologue:

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