Stephen Colbert Gets His Entire Audience To Troll Texas In Unison

Texas is spending millions on a border wall project while its power grid crumbles.

Texas is dealing with yet another major energy crisis as residents are urged to conserve power or face blackouts ― so “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert found it peculiar that the state just announced it would spend $250 million on a wall along its border with Mexico.  

“What a wise use of taxpayer money,” he said. “You wouldn’t want to waste it on something stupid like shoring up their cotton candy power grid.” 

But Colbert also said there’s a reason the Lone Star State needs a wall. 

“I understand why Texas is desperate,” he joked. “They have to find some way to stop their senators from fleeing to Cancun.” 

He’s referring, of course, to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who ran off to a vacation in Mexico when a winter storm wiped out his state’s power supply and left millions suffering in freezing temperatures. 

At one point, Colbert got his entire audience involved as he delivered a revised verse to “Deep In The Heart Of Texas.” 

See more in his Thursday night monologue: