Colbert Backs His Azz Up Over Bonkers New 2020 Campaign Developments

The "Late Show" host shows off his moves after Tom Steyer's bizarre South Carolina campaign event.

Stephen Colbert thinks the 2020 presidential campaign just can’t get any weirder.

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer dropped out of the race over the weekend after a poor showing in South Carolina.

But before he did, he made headlines by dancing with rapper Juvenile to his hit song, “Back That Azz Up.”

Or as the “Late Show” host summed it up: “A white billionaire dancing with Juvenile to a song about butts. The 2020 campaign is officially a Mad Lib.”

Then Colbert shared a clip of a CNN interview with Steyer in which they played the footage of the dance ― but it got awkward fast when Steyer started talking about serious issues while CNN played clips of him dancing.

That inspired Colbert to bust a few moves of his own:

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