Stephen Colbert Gives Trump's 'Angry Mob' Its Perfect 2020 Campaign Rally Cry

The "Late Show" also featured some alternate options for a new slogan.

President Donald Trump officially kicked off his 2020 reelection effort this week with a rally in Orlando, Florida, that hit on most of the same themes as his 2016 campaign, right down to attacks on Hillary Clinton

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert noted that Trump’s rhetoric hasn’t changed, and he played a clip of the president accusing Democrats of trying to divide America into tribes. 

“Yes,” Colbert mockingly agreed. “Democrats want to divide Americans into tribes that can’t stand each other, says the man speaking to an angry mob all wearing the same hats.” 

Colbert combined some of Trump’s favorite slogans into a single chant to use at Trump rallies: 

Trump also polled his audience for a new 2020 slogan. 

Colbert’s “Late Show” team offered up a few alternate options: