Stephen Colbert Exposes Most Blatant Lie In Trump's Bizarre Victory Speech

The "Late Show" host mocked the former president's latest unbelievable claim.

Stephen Colbert spotted a strange moment during Donald Trump’s victory speech earlier this week when he briefly paused his attacks on President Joe Biden to greet the “celebrities” in attendance at Mar-a-Lago.

“So many celebrities that I’m not gonna introduce any because I’m just gonna get myself in trouble if I do that, because I’ll leave out most of you,” Trump bragged after winning every state except Vermont during the Super Tuesday primaries.

Trump indeed didn’t name any of the “celebrities” supposedly present ― leading Colbert to say the boast had a familiar ring to it.

“He sounds like a high school kid pretending he’s been kissed,” Colbert said on Wednesday night. ”‘Oh, wow, yeah, I’ve had so many girlfriends, I’m not gonna name ‘em all ’cause I’m sure I’ll forget someone. But, wow, I mean, girl lips. They’re just like two hot dogs.’”

See more in his Wednesday night “Late Show” monologue:

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