Stephen Colbert Sums Up Trump With 5 Brutal Words

The "Late Show" host gave his audience an urgent reminder about the former president.

Stephen Colbert said the country needs an urgent reminder about Donald Trump and his increasingly vile rhetoric.

Donald Trump is a fascist,” Colbert said bluntly on Tuesday night’s “Late Show.”

Trump, he noted, has been echoing the language used by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, such as when he vowed to root out left-wing “vermin” if elected president.

Colbert came up with a colorful way to describe the need for these reminders of who Trump really is: “It’s important to... metaphorically jam the sharpened stick of knowledge into the soft inner thigh of your mind and just grind it around a little bit to try to reawaken the horror of what our country would be like if this hate-filled dingus and his soulless goons ever get a hold of power again.”

See more from his Tuesday night monologue:

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