Stephen Colbert Reveals Why Trump’s Really Screwed Now: ‘They’re Coming For You, Baby!’

The "Late Show" host says the former president has finally pissed off the wrong group.

Stephen Colbert says former President Donald Trump may have finally met his match.

The search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort that was conducted by the FBI on Monday was part of an investigation launched by the National Archives and Records Administration.

“That’s right. He’s gonna get taken down by the librarians!” “The Late Show” host exclaimed. “Oh, they’re coming for you, baby.”

Colbert also noted that librarians have three skills that make them a true threat to Trump.

“They’re organized, they know where everything is and you never know which way they’re coming because they’re so quiet,” he said. “Ok, they are silent, but deadly.”

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:

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