Stephen Colbert Trashes Donald Trump's Bizarre NFT Collection In 6-Minute Takedown

"The Late Show" host took aim at the wonky NFT depictions of the former president, including illustrations of him as a cowboy and an astronaut.

Stephen Colbert ripped former President Donald Trump for his “major announcement” that wound up being $100 “digital trading cards,” or NFTs, during his monologue on Thursday. (Watch below.)

Trump, who teased the announcement with an animation of him as a superhero shooting lasers from his eyes, revealed the collection on Thursday. It featured self-promoting cards with wonky depictions, including illustrations of him as a cowboy, a race car driver and an astronaut.

The Late Show” host joked that Trump would use his laser powers to fry chicken before he cooked the former president’s bizarre new card collection.

“The ex-president of the United States, the ex-most powerful man in the world, has launched a line of trading cards: it’s ‘Gropémon,’ with Pikacoup,’” quipped Colbert, who flashed a cartoon of a Pikachu-like monster dressed like Jan. 6 rioter and “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley.

Colbert, who said the Trump card website was “,” later poked fun at Trump for jumping into the NFT market at its “hottest.”

“Next, he’s releasing an exclusive line of rotary phones,” Colbert joked.

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