Seriously?!? Stephen Colbert Spots 'Unsettling' Poll Where Trump Has A Huge Lead

The "Late Show" host breaks down one of the strangest polls you'll ever see.

Stephen Colbert spotted what he called “comforting news” for Donald Trump: a new poll where he’s opened up a huge lead on President Joe Biden.

It’s not an election poll. Those remain close.

But Colbert found a poll with some off-kilter questions about Trump and Biden, asking such things as who would win a hot dog eating contest.

“The results of the poll are as unsettling as the contents of a hot dog,” Colbert said, noting that 58% of respondents chose Trump to chow down more dogs, versus just 13% who picked Biden.

“In the middle of a stressful court case, this must be so comforting news for Trump,” Colbert said, then mimicked an aide: “Uh, Mr. President, there’s gonna be weeks of humiliating testimony about your sexual infidelity. But I wanted you to know, you did just win a poll saying you could swallow much more pureed hog anus.”

That wasn’t the only bizarre question on the survey ― and not the only wild category where Trump has a massive edge on Biden.

Colbert broke it all down in his Thursday night “Late Show” monologue:

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