Stephen Colbert Punches Through Donald Trump’s Favorite Myth About Himself

“The Late Show” host mocks the former president after an unexpected confession.

Donald Trump loves to brag about how rich he is ― but “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert isn’t buying it after the former president admitted he couldn’t pay the $464 million bond in his fraud case.

“So he doesn’t have the cash. Aha! Caught you now!” Colbert said. “He’s not a real rich guy, he just plays one on TV. Donald Trump has a billion dollars the same way Patrick Stewart has a spaceship.”

Stewart has starred as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the “Star Trek” franchise, while Trump was star of “The Apprentice” TV series.

Trump’s bond was cut to $175 million by the appeals court on Monday, which annoyed Colbert.

“Every time, every time, it seems like consequences of any kind are closing in, he gets away with it,” Colbert said. “Who let this guy wish for more wishes? Especially after how racist he was to the genie!”

See more in his Monday night monologue:

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