Colbert Burns Trump With Actual Clips From His Rambling, Incoherent Speech

The "Late Show" host even broke out his lighter for the event.

Stephen Colbert wasn’t impressed by Donald Trump’s weekend rally, since the former president didn’t show up with any new material.

It was the same old gripes and grievances, with lines lifted straight out of Trump’s previous rallies.

At one point, “The Late Show” host held up a lighter, like a fan at a concert ― except he did it for a very different reason.

“Let me be clear. This lighter does not indicate that I’m excited,” Colbert said. “You’re just so boring I’d rather set myself on fire!”

But the wildest lines on the show weren’t Colbert’s quips. They were Trump’s actual comments in a series of clips of flubs and misspeaks Colbert showed from the speech, including a claim that astronaut Neil Armstrong was sent “to a plant.”

Check it out below:

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