Stephen Colbert Burns Tucker Carlson By Naming 1 Big Difference Between Them

The host of "The Late Show" couldn't wait to say this.

Stephen Colbert returned from a week off and couldn’t wait to talk about the biggest news that broke while he was away.

“We have been off the air for a week. You know who else has?” Colbert asked on Monday night. “Tucker Carlson!”

The audience cheered wildly.

“The difference is I’m allowed back on,” Colbert said.

Fox News last week ditched its popular host, known for his far-right conspiracy theories, as well as xenophobic, homophobic and racist rhetoric.

Fox News fired Tucker Carlson, I can’t believe I finally get to say that on TV,” Colbert said. “I’ve been holding this in for a week. I feel like I just had the best pee of my entire life.”

Fox News didn’t give a reason for parting ways with Carlson, but Colbert noted one report that the right-wing network didn’t like his “thinly veiled racism.”

“Thinly veiled?” he said in disbelief. “No wonder they were mad. Fox likes their racism cut thick.”

Colbert looked at some of the other theories behind the Fox-Carlson divorce in his Monday night “Late Show” monologue:

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