Stephen Colbert Uses ‘Russian Stooge’ Tucker Carlson’s Own Words Against Him

"The Late Show" host taunted the right-wing talker for "an argument so dumb."

Stephen Colbert has seen an alarming number of right-wing figures siding with Russia as it appears ready to invade Ukraine.

Disgraced former national security adviser Mike Flynn wrote a column not only defending Russian President Vladimir Putin, but using the strongman’s “exact argument.” Or as Colbert interpreted it: “Is that good enough, Vlad? Please don’t release the pictures.”

Colbert also highlighted Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has routinely defended Russia during his broadcasts.

“Old Trucker Nuts defended people like Flynn who were rooting for Russia to invade Ukraine for the third time,” Colbert said before rolling a clip of Carlson making the case.

“What do you say to someone who makes an argument that dumb?” Colbert asked.

He didn’t have to answer because Carlson’s own words did the job for him:

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