Stephen Colbert Visits 'Billy On The Street' To Pop The Liberal 'New York Bubble'

Enter literal plastic bubble, stage right.

Stephen Colbert and self-identifying “piece of s**t snowflake” Billy Eichner took to the streets to dispel some notions about the so-called liberal “New York bubble.”

On a recent “Billy on the Street” segment, the “Late Show” host ditches his suit and tie to accompany Eichner on a journey to see just how out of touch the liberal elite are with “real America” and to relay some messages for Colbert to pass along to President Trump. 

Eichner and Colbert stop a host of regular New Yorkers, who are unsurprisingly willing to reveal how they really feel about Trump ― the words ”shallow creep” were used ―  and pop the liberal bubble theory once and for all. 

“I think that it’s interesting that we’re told we live in a bubble because we’re from all different places,” one man said. “Most of us are escaping from some other part of American to come here. We know the real America pretty intimately, by and large.”

However, in the end, Eichner decides he’s more than content to be living in a bubble and then proceeds to enter a literal plastic bubble and roll around the streets of New York. 

“Billy on the Street” airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on truTV.