Stephen Colbert's First Super PAC Commercial Endorses Rick 'Parry' (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Colbert is now airing a second commercial. Watch it below!

The very first commercial for Stephen Colbert's Super PAC aired Wednesday night in Iowa, revealing just how seriously the comedian is taking his newfound power.

The ad, of which Colbert showed a five-second preview on Tuesday night's show, does not endorse Rick Perry as Colbert suggested it might. Instead, it asks Iowans to write in a candidate when they vote in the Ames straw poll on Auguest 13: Rick Parry.

Why vote "Parry," you ask? If Colbert's subliminal (and not so subliminal) messages thought the ad don't convince you, just listen to his inarguable explanation: "That's Parry with an 'A' for America -- with an 'A' for Iowa."

WATCH: The first commercial

WATCH: The second commercial