Stephen Colbert's 'Tinfoil Hat' Segment Explains GOP Conspiracy Theories

They ARE watching you.

Donald Trump’s fear that the election could be rigged ― and Karl Rove’s new assessment of Hillary Clinton’s health ― prompted “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert to give us the lowdown on conspiracy theories.

On Wednesday, he introduced “Stephen Colbert’s Tinfoil Hat,” and it’s a segment brought to you by Reynolds Wrap: “Keeping government signals out of your brain since 1999.”

Colbert gave Rove (and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly) the business and got to the bottom of Clinton’s “secret illness” by investigating the spelling of her name. You’ll have to watch for the big reveal.

Then the paranoia fest really accelerated.

“Bowling balls and electrical outlets both have three holes,” he said. “But for some reason you’re not supposed to put your fingers in one of them or your penis in either of them. What do they not want us to experience?”

We’d love to hear Trump’s and Rove’s explanation.

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