Let's Take A Second To Appreciate Steph Curry's 25-Point First Quarter

Curry had a jaw-dropping seven threes in the first period alone.

A supercut of Stephen Curry's opening-period baskets.

Right wing, swish. Left corner, splash. Top of the key, zip. A case study in consistency, Stephen Curry electrified the 20,356 people in D.C.'s Verizon Center on Wednesday with his ability to zero in on the basket and drill any (and we mean any) shot with the same seemingly effortless ease. 

And that was just in the first quarter.

Curry had a jaw-dropping seven threes against the Washington Wizards in the first period alone, as the reigning MVP nearly outscored the opposing team through the first 12 minutes of play. He had 25 points. The Wizards had 28. 

Just how good was that first quarter? The point guard tallied 17 of his 51 total points in the first 6:33 of the contest, missing only one of his 10 shot attempts in the entire opening period. He also quickly climbed up the record books.

The highlight of it all came with 3:09 remaining in the frame, when Chef stole the ball, bobbled it, recovered the bobble and immediately tossed up a 25-footer. Needless to say, the shot didn’t even touch the rim, slicing through the net as Curry stood planted at the spot from which he shot it, admiring his handiwork.

"He made some unbelievable shots," Wizards superstar John Wall told reporters after the game. "We know he can shoot the ball very well, and from time to time, he gets in one of those zones." 

One of those zones indeed. After a three-game "slump," Curry is back, and the rest of the NBA should be very, very afraid. Riding Curry’s 11 triples, Golden State knocked off Washington, winning its 45th game of the season, 134-121.


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