Stephen Curry Hits 77 Threes In A Row At Practice

We're talking about practice.

The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry reportedly made 77 consecutive three-pointers at practice on Tuesday. You read that right: 77 three-pointers. And out of the one hundred threes that he shot, he made 94.

We did some difficult math for all of you and calculated that that means Curry shot 94 percent from three for the day, which is really high.

Curry, who is hands-down the best three-point shooter in the world right now, said that’s the most consecutive threes he’s ever made. We’re trying to hunt down footage of all 77 of them, but until then, we’ve got some snippets available:

Curry already broke the record for total three-pointers in a season earlier this year, a record he himself previously set. He’s shooting 44 percent from three on more than eight attempts per game for the season. His team has one more game before the playoffs, and somehow, Curry seems to be reaching for yet another gear.

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