Stephen Curry Prepares Riley Curry For Upcoming NBA Season

Riley's ankles need protection too, pops.

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has to go back to work in 58 days. Unfortunately for 3-year-old daughter Riley, that means her daddy will be around a little less, as Stephen's defense of his NBA championship will yank him across the United States over these next 10 months. 

To prepare for the grueling NBA season, Stephen's giving Riley all of the preseason support she needs. Starting from the bottom, he taped up her ankles on Saturday night:

Riley, who celebrated her birthday last month, is now a big sister with big sister responsibilities, and will be depended upon to step up around the house in Stephen's occasional absence. She's got to keep the beat going.

But given the difficult history the Curry family has had with ankle injuries, Riley's right to demand ankle protection from her dad.

Stephen's NBA career almost never got off the ground because of chronic ankle pain, and little brother Seth, a player for the Sacramento Kings, sprained his ankle while playing for Duke in 2013. Hence, Stephen's caption for yesterday's Instagram post read, "Must run in the family......."

For Riley's sake, hopefully not! If her dance moves were to be sapped because of unfortunate ankle genetics from her dad, that would probably be more devastating than whatever can happen in Stephen's upcoming NBA season.

We can't lose these moves: 

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