Stephen Curry Is Back Doing Hypnotizing Stephen Curry Things

He's terrorizing USA Basketball's minicamp.

The last time we saw Stephen Curry on a basketball court, he was holding the Larry O'Brien trophy.

His Golden State Warriors are 2015 champions, yes, but now is not the time for Curry to rest on his laurels. The Western Conference is, once again, stacked like a well-structured Jenga tower, but Curry's already got the juice ready for another MVP-caliber campaign.

Thirty-four of the NBA's best players are attending USA Basketball's 2016 Olympics minicamp this week in Las Vegas. On Thursday, in front of his toughest competition for the upcoming NBA season, Curry put on a show.

That poor, poor USA Basketball coach. Really never stood a chance.

This is a familiar sight -- Curry's speed, elite footwork and smooth release have yet to let him down this year (except for, yeah, that not-so-great Game 2). 

The warmer months in particular have been kind to Curry, to say the least. On top of an MVP award and subsequent NBA championship, he and his wife Ayesha welcomed their second daughter, Ryan Carson, in July. Little brother Seth scored his first NBA contract after a killer Summer League campaign too. 2015 continues to be the Year of the Curry.

On a related note, this flick-of-da-wrist just isn't fair:

🔥 🔥 🔥

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