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Stephen Gough, 'Naked Rambler,' Allowed To Walk Home Nude From Scottish Prison

The "Naked Rambler" can keep on ramblin' on.

Stephen Gough, 53, who has become infamous in the UK for refusing to wear clothes, was allowed to leave prison and walk home this week in the buff, according to the BBC.

Gough had been in custody in Scotland since his second naked ramble in 2006 and was previously re-arrested for being naked in the street outside Perth Prison following his first sentence.

This time, however, police seem to think Gough won't change his mind and they won't try to stop him, barring any major complaints.

"My opinion is that the police have thought 'the guy's not going to give up so let's have a think about it," Gough said, according to the BBC. "What they were doing before was pre-empting complaints and now they are not."

Gough got his nickname when he was first locked up in 2003 for walking off his job as a truck driver sans clothing.

The Naked Rambler said he was looking forward to enjoying the fresh air, according to The Telegraph.

"I haven’t been outside a building in the last six years and it is nice to smell the flowers and see the greenery. I was kept in solitary all the time. I wasn’t given association with other prisoners. I got half an hour in the evening to have a shower and walk up and down the hall when they had been locked away."

The Telegraph also notes that Scotland's laws on public nudity are stricter than UK neighbors England and Wales.

But police seem to be taking a more lenient stance, and, for his part, Gough said he plans to avoid busy public roads, according to The Sun.

But that doesn't mean he's going to change his stance on nudity.

"To conform with everyone else is the easiest way but when you conform you compromise your principles," Gough said. "Stay naked is the word."

Fark Headline: Good news: if you keep breaking the law in the UK, eventually the police give up and stop arresting you

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