Stephen Hawking Corrects Sheldon's Math On 'The Big Bang Theory' (VIDEO)

Stephen Hawking Corrects Sheldon On 'Big Bang'

Stephen Hawking has done several guest appearances on television shows over the years, but perhaps none of them felt quite as right as when he appeared as himself on "The Big Bang Theory" (Thu., 8 p.m. ET on CBS). After all, there is no bigger fan of the brilliant physicist than Sheldon Cooper, who considers himself Hawking's only equal.

When he found out that Howard had been selected as the engineer to help keep Hawking's specialized wheelchair in tip top shape during his lecture stay, Sheldon was beside himself with jealousy. But realizing he had the upper hand for once, Howard first had him perform a series of humiliating stunts, before admitting that he'd already given Dr. Hawking Sheldon's paper.

The doctor wanted to meet Sheldon to tell him it was impressive work, save for a miscalculation. Hawking insisted on doing the voice work himself for his guest spot, rather than let producers add in his signature mechanical voice later. And he proved quite adept, as Simon Helberg noted on his Twitter feed, at comedic timing.

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