Trash-Talking Stephen Hawking Takes On Paul Rudd In Quantum Chess

"I will crush you like an ant, man"

Only in this goofy alternate universe would renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking accept a challenge from actor Paul Rudd to play quantum chess. (It's complicated.)

A new video, above, of the two squaring off in a match is a hoot. "I'll crush you like an ant, man," Hawking warns in one of many feisty disses. Rudd calls his opponent "Eddie Redmayne."

The match plays out with the fate of humanity on the line and draws comments from bigs like the pope and the president. For extra gravitas, Keanu Reeves narrates. The video was presented at a CalTech event on quantum science, the school noted.

Watch the video all the way through for a fun cameo by the familiar face who directed the short. Hint: He shared an excellent adventure with Reeves back in the day.

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