Stephen King Explains Why HBO's 'Chernobyl' Reminds Him Of Donald Trump

The horror writer said it was “impossible” to watch the show without thinking of the president.

“Chernobyl” — HBO’s dramatization of the 1986 nuclear power plant disaster — is giving Stephen King food for thought about Donald Trump.

The famed horror writer on Thursday tweeted it was “impossible” for him to watch the show “without thinking of” the U.S. president.

The five-part mini-series chronicles the Soviet Union leaders’ culpability in and subsequent dire handling of the devastating disaster.

King noted that “like those in charge” of the doomed reactor, Trump is “a man of mediocre intelligence” in charge of great power “that he does not understand.”

Craig Mazin, the show’s writer-producer, responded that he was “so pleased” King was “smartly watching.”

King later shared a terrifying bedtime story with his 5.2 million followers, involving an eyeball and a tick.

Squeamish? Then don’t read on.

Check out the trailer for “Chernobyl” here: