Stephen King And Ted Cruz In Twitter Feud Over Limos And Axes

There's a motorcycle in there, too.

Horror novelist Stephen King and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are trading barbs on Twitter after the author called on Texas to vote its junior senator out of office in November.

The battle began on Tuesday, when King offered a hearty endorsement to Cruz’s rival, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas).

Cruz responded on Wednesday with a post referencing several King characters.

The “here’s Johnny” line Cruz referred to isn’t actually from King. It doesn’t appear in The Shining novel, but rather the Stanley Kubrick film, which the author famously hated.

King let that one slide ― but the motorcycle enthusiast wasn’t going to let the limo dig cruise by.

In addition, his 1981 novel Cujo ― which Cruz referenced ― was inspired by a 1977 motorcycle incident.

He took his bike to a mechanic and was greeted by a growling Saint Bernard.

His website notes:

“And I was retreating, and wishing that I was not on my motorcycle, when the guy said, ‘Don’t worry. He don’t bite.’ And so I reached out to pet him, and the dog started to go for me. And the guy walked over and said, ‘Down Gonzo,’ or whatever the dog’s name was and gave him this huge whack on the rump, and the dog yelped and sat down. The guy said, ‘Gonzo never done that before. I guess he don’t like your face.’”

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