Twitter Users Slam Stephen Miller For Attacking Joe Biden On Twitter

One person told the former White House adviser point-blank: "You lost. Decency won. Go away."

Stephen Miller spent his first day as a former White House adviser by attacking newly inaugurated President Joe Biden on Twitter.

In what appears to be the only tweet currently on his personal account, Miller griped about Biden’s pledge to “be a president for all Americans” while also planning to roll back the Trump administration’s most hard-line immigration policies.

But if Miller expected his tweet to be greeted with excitement, he got a rude awakening.

Not only did Twitter users slam him mercilessly, but the number of “likes” his tweet received was only a fraction of the number of comments, a social media tragedy known as “being ratioed.”

Though Miller complained about Biden “opening travel from terror hot spots,” Twitter users noted that it was Miller who “helped incite a terror attack on Congress.” They also pointed out that he “wrote the policy to separate infants from their mothers” and implemented the “most extreme anti-immigrant agenda of modern times.”

But one person stepped up to tell Miller to give things a rest in the most technicolor way imaginable.

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