Critics Appalled Trump Adviser Compared Gun-Toting White Guys To Rosa Parks

Trump didn't comment on the comparison but said he agrees that there is "injustice" concerning the COVID-19 safety measures.

Critics were reeling after right-wing White House adviser and economist Stephen Moore compared gun-toting white guys protesting COVID-19 safety measures to Rosa Parks and her historic battle for racial equality.

The comments were particularly galling because Moore once commented that when President Donald Trump took office, he was evicting the Obamas from public housing — a dig that was widely considered racist.

Moore said Friday that those protesting COVID-19 social distancing measures — many of whom were also brandishing pro-Trump signs and carrying assault rifles — were just like Parks, whose refusal to give her bus seat to a white passenger was a seminal moment in the Civil Rights Movement.

When asked about the comment at his Saturday press briefing, Trump claimed he didn’t know what Moore said. But he agreed with Moore that there was a “lot of injustice” regarding regulations intended to help stem the spread of COVID-19.

Some opposed to COVID-19 safety measures have also compared their struggle with stay-at-home restrictions to the plight of Anne Frank, who hid in her home for two years until she was captured by the Nazis.

Comedian Patton Oswalt quickly turned that one around:

Many other Twitter users joined Oswalt in expressing their horror at Moore’s comments:

Moore is a member of Trump’s council focused on reopening the economy, and is also part of a coalition of conservatives called “Save Our Country,” which has been opposing coronavirus-related business shutdowns and stay-at-home measures. He dropped out of consideration to serve on the Federal Reserve Board last year due to concerns about his qualifications — and his controversial comments about women and race.

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