Trump Nominee Stephen Moore Once Called Female Referees 'An Obscenity'

“Women are sooo malleable!” the president's pick for the Fed once wrote. “No wonder there’s a gender gap.”

President Donald Trump’s pick for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board made a series of derogatory remarks about women in several columns published by the National Review, a conservative magazine, nearly 20 years ago.

The columns, unearthed by CNN’s KFile, included one from November 2000 in which Moore complained about his then-wife having canceled out his vote because she sided with the environmental candidate.

“Women are sooo malleable!” he wrote. “No wonder there’s a gender gap.”

Moore told CNN the columns were a “spoof” and intended to be humorous.

Moore often mentioned his displeasure with women in sports in his columns. Not just as players, but as referees and commentators. In one 2002 column offering unsolicited advice to improve NCAA basketball, Moore’s first suggestion: “No women.”

He expanded:

How outrageous is this? This year they allowed a woman ref a men’s NCAA game. Liberals celebrate this breakthrough as a triumph for gender equity. The NCAA has been touting this as example of how progressive they are. I see it as an obscenity. Is there no area in life where men can take vacation from women? What’s next? Women invited to bachelor parties? Women in combat? (Oh yeah, they’ve done that already.) Why can’t women ref the women’s games and men the men’s games.

In another column, penned in 2000, Moore voiced his displeasure with women demanding equal pay for equal work ― especially in the arena of sports. Moore argued that female athletes are inferior to male athletes, and therefore they’re undeserving of commensurate pay:

“The women tennis pros don’t really want equal pay for equal work,” Moore said. “They want equal pay for inferior work.”

In 2012, Moore was found in contempt of court for failing to pay more than $300,000 to his ex-wife in alimony and child support.

Another of Trump’s picks for a Fed seat, former presidential candidate Herman Cain, withdrew himself from consideration on Monday amid renewed scrutiny of accusations of sexual harassment.

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