Las Vegas Gunman Seen In Newly Released Footage Of Casino Slip And Fall Incident

Stephen Paddock lost a case against the Cosmopolitan over the 2011 fall.

Newly surfaced surveillance footage shows Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock slipping and falling while at a casino in 2011.

The casino’s attorney, Martin Kravitz, told Inside Edition that he met at the time with Paddock, whom he described as “kind of slovenly in appearance.”

He was in shorts, not the cleanest-looking shirt, wearing these old, old flip-flops and he was carrying in a paper bag, a beer,” he said.

The network said Paddock first asked for $100,000, then sought $32,000 for medical fees over the Oct. 30, 2011, incident.

The case ultimately went to an arbitrator, who ruled in favor of the casino.

Paddock on Sunday night opened fire on a music festival from a hotel room above the event, killing at least 59 and injuring more than 500 before killing himself.

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