ER Doc Taunts Trump By Preparing A Coronavirus 'Manual' Just For Him

Dr. Stephen Sample shows off "How To 'Rona" in scathing interview.

President Donald Trump claims there are coronavirus manuals that warn against too much testing.

So emergency room physician Dr. Stephen Sample of Jasper, Indiana, created a mock “How To ’Rona” manual collecting that and other claims by the president, showing it off on MSNBC on Tuesday night.

Trump repeated his baseless argument of too much testing in an interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios that aired on HBO on Monday.

“There are those that say, you can test too much,” Trump said in the interview. “Just read the manuals, read the books.”

Swan asked what manuals or books, but didn’t get an answer.

That clearly inspired Sample, who created a “manual” based on things Trump has said about the pandemic.

Watch in the clip above.