Stephen Shen, Taiwan EPA Minister, Wants Men To Sit Down To Urinate


Stephen Shen wants men to take a seat.

In an effort to clean up the country's public toilets, Shen, an Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) minister in Taiwan, is asking men to urinate sitting down, the BBC reports.

According to a HuffPost translation of a press release from the EPA, the agency has developed a "jingle" to help people remember "the importance of toilet etiquette:"

Undaunted by the difficulty of doing what's good, people who are doing number one should act like they're doing number two on the toilet. Splashing water droplets can be avoided [and] the seat can be kept clean and fresh, showing respect to the men and women [who will next use the toilet].

"We want to learn from Japan and Sweden," Yuan Shaw-jing, EPA director general of environmental santitation and toxic substance maintenance said, according to the BBC.

Earlier this year, a local chapter of Sweden's Left Party put forward a motion asking men who work on the council to sit down when they urinate in office restrooms.

In addition to cleaner toilets and bathrooms, party officials said that sitting down to pee can be good for a man's prostate and sex life, UPI reported.

"[This initiative will] make our beautiful homeland even more clean, with less pollution," a press release from the EPA notes, according to a HuffPost translation. "Together we can care for our environment and implement these lifestyle habits."

But the question remains: Does the minister practice what he preaches? Click over to the BBC to find out.

Dominique Mosbergen contributed reporting to this story.

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