Stepparent Advice: How to Stop Stressing Over Winning Over Your Stepkids

How To Win Over Your Stepkids
Mother and daughter outdoors on a Spring day
Mother and daughter outdoors on a Spring day

It's a rare stepparent who hasn't tried, in their own way, to win over their stepkids. Whether it was snapping up two Justin Bieber concert tickets or attempting to bond over hot wings during a stepsons-only guy's night out, it's hard to resist trying to fast-track a solid relationship.

But as any member of a blended family can tell you, relationships can't be forced. So how can you stop stressing over winning over your step-kids -- and actually get them to like you?

We recenty asked five experts (and HuffPost bloggers) to share with us the three things they think stepparents need to know to create a healthy, unhurried relationship with their stepkids. Click through the slideshow below to read their advice, then email or tweet @HuffPostDivorce the three things you think new stepparents need to know to forge a better relationship with their spouse's kids.

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