Stepping Into You

Stepping into you is about allowing yourself to be more of you.
To see and feel who you really are and let go of what doesn't serve you and embrace more of what does. It is a process. A process which involves:

- strengthening your self-love muscle
- facing your fears
- releasing old patterns and beliefs that hold you back
- acknowledging and honoring your power and self
- and opening yourself and allowing yourself to receive Divine guidance.

Through this process you are designing a life that is aligned with your highest good. In other words you consciously create a life you love.
You are meant to live a life you love and you know it. You need to evolve, grow, learn, progress and expand. It is part of our nature. The more we allow it, the more we experience of who we truly are.

The pace and the path taken may differ for each and one of us. And that is perfectly ok. Patience is a virtue and practicing self-love is an absolute part of it.

Stepping into you, is about stepping into your light. It is a part of your journey where you allow yourself to own your light. A process about owning your unique gifts and talents. A process about accepting your past and owning your present and future.


I invite you to do a short acknowledging exercise. This one is preferable done where you feel comfortable.

The Exercise:
Sit or stand comfortable and take a deep slow breath in, and slowly breathe out. Take a couple of breaths if you feel like it.

Now imagine me or a good friend of yours standing in front of you, smiling, greeting and saying the following words, (really feel the words):

I acknowledge and honor you.

I see you.

I see your pain. Your struggles. I see that part of your journey.
I acknowledge and honor that part of your journey.

I let light in and let go.

I also see your strength, your beauty. I see your dreams and your gifts.
I acknowledge and honor them.

I embrace and celebrate them.

You are beautiful. You are amazing.

Thank you.

Thank you for being and sharing your presence.

...Take a deep breath in... And breathe out...

How did this make your feel?
Where there parts you felt uncomfortable? How so?
What did you feel was the most important thing you got out of this exercise or post?

I would love to hear your answers.
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