Steps to get rid of Post-Election Blues

Steps to get rid of Post-Election Blues
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It has been quite a week to say the least about the past 18-months! One can either be saddened or in an exuberant state of optimism looking towards the changes that are certain to come. We have already begun seeing college students and others protesting the results of the election. As someone who wants to see the best in everyone and everything, I continue to seek ways of communicating that create bridges because I believe there's always, 'another way' to find reprieve.

Post-election has brought to the surface a host of feelings which some are grappling with and which others may find hopeful. I am accustomed to folks turning to me for support - that's what I do, help whomever is in need. But, this is bigger, this isn't just someone, this is a Nation.

As I allow the feelings to flow, I went into contemplation in the early morning hours and this was what I was gifted to share as a means of embracing what the nation is going through, while at the same time, helping to raise the vibration of the nation.

If you are optimistic, seeking a peaceful transition, heartbroken, scared, in shock, ashamed, here are Five Steps to Raise Your Vibration:

1. Understand that change is inevitable.

Every four years we are gifted with the choice to change the level of leadership for America. Each leader leaves behind something good even if it's one thing, remember that one thing and let the rest flow. Remember, change is a must.

2. A little suspense is good.

Sometimes, living in a space of the unknown can keep us on our toes. That means, up your game wherever you are. Don't sit back and wait for a handout. Instead, give more than you take and keep gaining more experiences in life. These experiences will attract more opportunity.

3. Expand your comfort zone.

When we get too comfortable or play it too safe, we could fall short on gaining new experiences. Expanding your comfort zone can begin with simply speaking to someone you haven't connected with in a long time. Or, emerging someone you do not like and sending them a thought of benevolence. Or, buying a different type of shoe or clothing or eating a different type of food.

4. Pause every hour.

Taking 30 seconds every hour on the hour will make a world of difference at the end of the day. You will find more clarity, peace, and extra energy to go a step further.

5. Clear your inner baggage.

As hard as it might be, acknowledge, accept and allow your feelings to flow peacefully. When something has broken outside of ourselves we can certainly identify with something inside ourselves that has been broken and isn't working. When we release our own private issues we will be able to cope with the issues we witness outside of ourselves where we can sometimes feel powerless.


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