Steps Towards Being More Courageous and Less Afraid of Success

Do you know that it is really harder for others to handle our success than it is for ourselves? Those of us that are really meant to be successful are not afraid of success and usually handle it with grace and embrace failures, challenges and those that don't support our journey. You might be thinking this is backwards but it truly is not. People get jealous of your success, they want what you have but are not skilled enough to obtain in and are not willing to learn and put in the work, they don't believe in themselves enough to do what you do to succeed, they are not ready for success for whatever reasons, it is just not their path God wants for them, they don't appreciate what they already have and the list is completely endless but lastly people do not like change and to be successful you must learn to embrace change and be flexible because nothing stays the same and you must learn to be compassionate and answer questions whenever asked.

Time stops for no one and the clock is always ticking and you only have so much time on earth to do what you love and have passions for. What are you waiting for? Are you paralyzed by fear? How do you overcome your fear of success? My top three answers are you must believe in yourself, be a risk taker and do not allow others to get you off your path or you will never succeed. Let me explain further, below.

Believe In Yourself

If you don't believe in yourself and your vision for success - no one else will either. Allow your vision to pull you in the right direction and do not resist. Whatever you feel compelled to do and have a business plan for then I strongly encourage you to follow your journey towards success. You must know at the beginning your life will be rough, money will be tight or pretty nonexistent, friends and family will laugh at you and want you to stay stuck and broke or complacent. This world would not be changed if it weren't for people like Princess Diana, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa - they believed they could create meaningful, loving and lasting change - AND THEY DID. If you really see yourself and making a significant difference in the lives of others then by all means take that path and don't look back when the going gets tough - and it will get tough. There is no room for doubt at the top. Successful people are confident and believe in their products and know that what they have to offer will make a difference and solve people's problems.

Be a Risk Taker

When you stay close to shore you never learn to surf - this is the best analogy I can describe for you in business as it pertains to success. If you don't pick up the phone and ask for the sale the answer is always no. If people don't know how to find you on social media how will you ever receive likes, follows, fans, shares and paid clients. If you do not advertise your products and services then don't get upset that you didn't have any clients. If you never tell anyone what you do and how you can solve their problems - then how will you ever succeed. If you are always holding back or fearing risks and opportunities that will help you grow and get out of your comfort zone then how can you expect significant change and massive success? Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, and Tony Robbins all were risk takers and learned how to rise above and say yes even when they were not equipped to do the opportunity presented to them. I am encouraging you to do the same and watch your life drastically become different. You can do this and you will succeed when you learn to become a risk taker and stop hiding yourself and your talents. If no one knows about you then how do you expect to be found and be a public figure? Answer is simple - you simply cannot. Exercise all of your knowledge, market yourself, do the impossible, have a vision board, ask for the outrageous and never take no for an answer.

Do Not Allow Anyone To Deter Your Journey, Vision or Success

When people say it cannot be done - reply "watch me". When haters and the naysayers don't believe in you just say nothing and delete, block them and move on giving no attention or energy to them whatsoever and prove them wrong. Just keep going even when life gets super difficult and you want to quit. DO NOT. I repeat - do not. Don't have a plan B - there is only plan A and you must find a way for that to work, operate and follow through on whatever it is you want to come to fruition. There is no going back and changing end results - only learning to surf and ride the waves along the way. The process will seem like there is no end in sight and the first year is always the hardest. Do it because you want to not because you think you have to. Do it because you know your skills will help others and give back to them in ways you have been blessed. Lastly, one of my favorite quotes by Karen Salmansohn is this - "Don't worry if someone does not like you. Most people are struggling to like themselves". WOW! Isn't this the truth that most people have their own struggles and when they don't love themselves it will be near impossible to love you and your vision and honestly support that in which lights your soul on fire. I say delete, block and move on quickly and do not allow anyone or anything to get in your way of manifesting the desires of your heart and dreams.

These powerful, simple and effective steps will really assist you in being more courageous and not being afraid of being a success. It takes a lot of guts and glory to create the life you want and wish for. I pray for God to bless my journey and the people in it. I have been successful humbly serving ½ a million people around the world and will continue to coach others towards success in all areas of life. You can follow my journey on Facebook at Kelly Benamati Holistic Health and Life Coaching. Thank you for being you.