21 Stereotypes About Latino Men That Latino Men Want To Dispel

"I'm not hood or gangster."
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Over the past few weeks, we've reached out to you, the men of our community, to find out what stereotypes Latino men are sick and tired of hearing. Below are 21 responses that range from the obvious to HEAR THAT, TRUMP?!

Let's bash the stereotypes!

1. "Latinos are bad or absent dads. The majority are present, hard-working and tender with their children."

2. "Latino men ... don't stand on boxes and scream at the top of their lungs. Latino men are quiet. They get up and go to work. They provide for their families, with the help of their wives, of course. They work in offices, they work in hospitals, they wear a uniform. Some pick the fruit we eat, some pack it. Some wear suits. Some are still going to school so they could provide a good life for their family. A Latino man wants to hug his children every day, kiss his wife and live a good life. A Latino man is no different than any other man of any ethnicity."

3. "That we're uneducated."

“Can we move away from the idea that all Latino men fit into this machismo, misogynist, patriarchal mold?”

4. "That we're lazy."

5. "That we're incapable of being loved."

6. "That we are all macho, and deserve, expect or enjoy being waited on by women. That we all love sports. That we can all dance."

7. "Can we move away from the idea that all Latino men fit into this machismo, misogynist, patriarchal mold? We're feminists! Allies! Trailblazers! And so much more!"

8. "That by having an education, you have rejected your culture, values and traditions to become 'white washed.' Why would we reject it? We have one of the most unique cultures in the world, with each country being a little distinct in Latin America."

9. "That all Latino men are homophobes."

10. "That we're all about that machismo, hood-rat life and lack intelligence."

11. "I'm not hood or gangster. I believe my wife is equal to me. I'm tired of my own culture/family/friends telling me that as a man my opinion is the only one that matters. I married my wife because she's equal to me, not dependent on me."

12. "That all Latino men that have tattoos are in gangs or were in prison."

“I married my wife because she's equal to me, not dependent on me.”

13. "That if you don't speak English, you're undocumented."

14. "That we are drunks, illegals, only good for cleaning, womanizers, uneducated, gang affiliated who have not contributed to this society."

15. "That Latinos are lazy, dumb, deadbeat dads, illegal immigrants, school drop-outs, gang members, drug dealers, rapists … That Latinos will turn America into a third world country."

16. "That we all speak 'Mexican.'"

17. "That we beat our women to death."

18. "That we all look like the guys from Cypress Hill."

19. "I am not a backwards thinking, 'man is king' kinda guy. I do not believe a woman's only place is in the kitchen or making babies. I want a partner, not a servant. I actually get myself ready in the morning without any help. I do not need to drink to have a good time. Sorry, Spanish isn't my first language. I was actually born in the U.S. I actually can count past 10. I can be strong and compassionate. I have not been to prison. Just because you think I look dirty doesn't mean that I can't process higher-level thoughts. I believe that my daughters do not need a man to achieve high social standing."

“I can be strong and compassionate.”

20. "That we are all jealous and possessive."

21. "Gangs are present in every neighborhood in the United Sates. Some exist out of necessity or fraternity, while others exist because of crime and drugs. However, the assumption that all Latino men are in or have been in a gang is an incredible lie. We do not aspire to be in a criminal element. We try to prevent our youth from being sucked into that world. We work hard to show a better path towards the perception of success. One that will allow them to be around for their families and future children."

Some quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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