Steve Bannon's Screening Of His New Donald Trump Movie Goes Awry

"It's like a bad 'SNL' skit. A dozen people in a motel conference room."

Steve Bannon’s new movie about President Donald Trump may not be breaking box office records any time soon.

Just 38 people showed up for a screening of the former White House chief strategist’s film “Trump @ War” at a hotel in Staten Island on Monday, per the New York Daily News. But Bannon, who also gave a speech to the small crowd, was reportedly unabashed about lack of turnout.

You don’t need massive events,” Bannon said, per the Daily News. “This is all about human contact. This is about getting grassroots people excited to either walk precincts, to work phone banks, etcetera.”

According to Axios, Bannon’s documentary is “designed to portray Trump supporters as being under siege” and to “galvanize Republicans to embrace the midterms as Trump’s ‘first re-elect.’” 

The screening’s low turnout inevitably caught the eye of some Twitter users: 

In March, Bannon urged members of France’s far-right to wear claims of racism as a “badge of honor.” Last month, Bannon was dropped from the New Yorker Festival lineup after readers blasted the publication for giving him a platform to push his white nationalist agenda.