Plans For North Korea Movie Starring Steve Carell Scrapped

Plans For North Korea Movie Starring Steve Carell Scrapped

According to, plans for a "paranoid thriller" set in North Korea and starring Steve Carell have been scrapped in the wake of a cyber attack against Sony Pictures that eventually led to the postponement of "The Interview." A source close to the project confirmed that production company New Regency had stopped development on the untitled film after Twentieth Century Fox pulled distribution plans.

Written by Steve Conrad and based on Guy Delisle's graphic novel "Pyongyang," the project had Gore Verbinski attached as director. An description of "Pyongyang" is below:

Famously referred to as one of the "Axis of Evil" countries, North Korea remains one of the most secretive and mysterious nations in the world today. In early 2001 cartoonist Guy Delisle became one of the few Westerners to be allowed access to the fortresslike country. While living in the nation's capital for two months on a work visa for a French film animation company, Delisle observed what he was allowed to see of the culture and lives of the few North Koreans he encountered; his findings form the basis of this remarkable graphic novel. Pyongyang is an informative, personal, and accessible look at a dangerous and enigmatic country.

On Wednesday, Sony pulled "The Interview" from theaters after five of the largest theater chains in the United States canceled plans to screen the film on Christmas Day. Sony had previously told theater owners that showing the film could be done at their discretion following a terror threat made by cyber hackers.

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