Steve Carell On 'The Office': 'Screw That Show!' (VIDEO)

So, one last Michael Scott move for Steve Carell.

The good news is, unlike his former character, at least Carell knew what he was doing.

Appearing last night on "The Late Show with David Letterman," Carell talked sweetly about his friends on "The Office," the star-making show that he left this spring after his seventh season as the clueless boss at Dunder Mifflin.

Remarking that he thought the addition of James Spader to the cast was "a great move," Carell spoke about missing his friends on the show... and then suddenly turned, thanks to a little prodding from Letterman.

"Yeah! You know what? Now that you say that, screw that show!" he angrily deadpanned. "What did that show ever do for me? I have a movie coming out, what could possibly go wrong?!"

It's a good thing he was joking; Jenna Fischer told NY Mag's Vulture last night that she had quite the difficult experience saying goodbye in their final scene together, where her Pam drops him off at the airport.

"That was really emotional. They said, 'You know what, Jenna? Just say whatever you would want to say to Steve. Just say good-bye and we'll tape it and when you're finished, just give each other a hug and go your separate ways,'" she revealed. "And it was actually a challenge because every time I got down there I would start to cry right away, and I had to try to hold that in a little bit. We did so many takes of that good-bye and I cried every single time. I even got choked up just telling the story right now."

Still, Carell has confidence that the show will continue to be good -- even if he's glad he left.

"I have no regrets in terms of moving on," Carell told USA Today. "I left at the right time for me. But the show will continue and will be great."

Still want to see "Crazy, Stupid, Love." now, "Office" fans?

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