Steve Carell 'Tests Out' Conan's New Show (VIDEO)

The last time Steve Carell appeared on a late night show hosted by Conan O'Brien, he gave Conan an "exit interview" on his last episode of "The Tonight Show."

So when Carell stopped by "Conan" on Tuesday, he was wary of how talk shows work, or whether not he actually wanted to appear on the almost-year-old TBS program to promote his new movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love." Carell was sure to note that he wasn't actually appearing on the show, but simply dropping in to see what it would be like were he to appear.

Conan was nice enough to walk Carell through a pre-interview in which he explained exactly how the interview would go down, from Carell's entrance to showing a clip of an upcoming movie. Carell even scouted out the audience to ensure that, were he to elect to go on "Conan," he'd know what to expect.

Check out the clip to find out whether Carell ultimately decides whether or not he'll appear on "Conan" after he is given the full tour.