Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract Has Bizarre Stipulation (VIDEO)

WATCH: Why All Steve Carell Movie Posters Look The Same

The movie poster for "The 40 Year Old Virgin" is one of the most iconic photos of Steve Carell ever taken. That big glowing smile, the adorable striped Polo shirt, his giant head. It's a hard one to forget.

You may have noticed that several of Carell's movie posters feature the funny man's noggin as larger than life, but did you ever know why? According to this latest sketch from Funny Or Die, Carell stipulates in his contract that his head must be bigger than everything else on his movie posters. We bet you didn't even know Seth Rogen's also on that "40 Year Old Virgin" poster (Carell's head just dwarfs him).

But as far as the "Crazy Stupid Love" poster goes? Come on, Steve. Do you really think you're going to outshine Ryan Gosling?


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