Steve Carell's College Yearbook Photo Will Give You Mustache Envy

College Steve Carell was one debonaire guy.

A Reddit user was flipping through their mother's yearbook from Denison University when they stumbled upon a a photo of Carell posing for his school portrait. He sported a gray blazer and speckled tie for the snapshot, along with an epic mustache that even Michael Scott would be proud of.

Under the photo was written his name (Steven John Carell), his hometown (Acton, Mass.) and his majors (History/Theater). He graduated in the class of 1984.

The photo quickly soared on Reddit and another user shared a story about the "Office" funnyman from his alleged high school days.

"My mom went to high school with Steve Carell, and he worked as a bagger at the local grocery store in her town," the user wrote. "She didn't know him that well because they were in different grades, but she says he was a really dorky kid and that no one would have ever guessed he would have become a famous actor one day."

Must have been pre-'stache.



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