Steve Carell's 'The Office' Exit: April 28th

Michael Scott, you've got seven weeks left. Then, you're officially out of Dunder Mifflin.

Steve Carell, who announced this summer that the seventh season of his hit show "The Office," would be his last, will officially appear in his last episode on April 28th, according to TV Guide. It's a big night for NBC, as it's the first night in May sweeps week.

After Carell's final episode, there are four more episodes to the show's season -- during which, fans hope, they name Carell's successor as the big guy at the paper company.

The star, who is leaving to focus on his film career, filmed his last episode on March 6th. While they'll mourn their awkward yet lovable leader's loss, "Office" fans will at least have a four episode cameo from Carell's friend Will Ferrell to which to look forward.